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Sep. 5th, 2010

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How Ryan Got Kicked Out of His Hotel

I went up to my room, tried to open it, and failed. I know sometimes cell phones break hotel keys so I went downstairs and asked for another one. The guy scanned it and said it should work and to try again. I did. As I go back downstairs to tell him it still didn't work, a man dressed in street clothes standing outside asked me what my room number was. I didn't respond and paid attention solely to the hotel employee.

Turns out that guy -- the one outside -- was the manager. He grabbed some batteries and took me up to my room, tried to open it, and succeeded. I was confused so I shut the door, took the card from him, and tried to open it myself. I failed a couple of times until he told me to do it more slowly. It worked. I thanked him for his help and closed my door.

Five to ten minutes later he knocks on my door and tells me to gather my things and leave the hotel because of my rudeness in grabbing my hotel key from him. I didn't think I was being particularly rude and began to apologize for coming off that way, but he told me it doesn't matter, that he's the manager and wants me out of his hotel. I say okay, pack my things, get a refund (for every night but the half day I spent there today), and leave. I'm now staying at the Fiesta for the rest of the trip, which is a much nicer hotel anyway.

I have his name and everything and I'm going to call corporate tomorrow when I've had a chance to chill the fuck out because I should get a full refund not only because I didn't even stay a night but also because of the manager's power trip and poor treatment of/communication with me. I mean seriously.

I am being 100% honest here when I say that this is the full and complete story. I did nothing else to the manager or any of the employees. I always make a conscious effort to treat hotel employees with respect -- or any service industry employee, really -- and... yeah. I'm just lost. Was taking the card (that I paid for, no less) from an employee when we were right by my room really that big of a deal? Or was the manager upset that I didn't respond to him earlier? I really just don't get people sometimes.


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